Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm so in love with my agenda, I feel like I've finally found the feeling of  planner peace that I've heard so many of you talk about. This is my first 6 ring bond system & I just love the flexibility and how customizing it can be, I seriously can not function with out her. Having this planner or any planner for that matter has kept me organized and sane, I love the ability I've being able to see my month/week or even year at a glance. 

I can be forgetful at times causing me to be unreliable or absent, especially with soccer starting this season and all of Angels school events. I need to be prepared and organized and my agenda does that for me :) & the most awesome part about her is that she doubles as a wallet yay!!!I'm able to keep all my credit cards, checks and receipt in her and I really feel super organized and I love the feeling of having everything in one place ready to go with  me where ever I go <3 check out my last post on organization HERE

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