Thursday, December 25, 2014

After many years of anticipation, I can finally say I did it! As I find words to finally end this accomplishing chapter in my life, I want to share my journey with a timeline of all my fails and triumphs.


2006 - The summer of 2006 I become pregnant with Angel at the age of fourteen

2006 - December 2nd I had Angel prematurely at 25 weeks (1lb 13.zo)

2006 - December 12th Angels 1st surgery (PDA surgery)

2007 - February 1st  Surgery #2 laser Therapy

2007 - February 25th Surgery #3 and #4 Bowel Resection 1 & 2

2007 - March 18th Surgery #5 Bilateral Inguinal hernia repair one

2007 - March 28th surgery #6 and #7 Bilateral inguinal hernia repair two and circumcision

2007 - Angel was finally discharge from the NICU and able to go home for the first time. Weighing in at a healthy 6lb

2007 - June Angels last and final surgery, surgery #8 Bowel Resection


2008 - February 2008 found out I was pregnant with Julian

2008 - October 30, 2008 had a healthy 7lb baby boy


2009 - May 2, 2009 the morning I lost a part of me R.I.P Julian Aquilino Ramos

2009 - May 12th My baby's funeral

2009 - June went back to school to finish the year strong

2009 - June 13th Got my first job at the Comfort Inn


2010 - June Graduated high school with my class

2010 - Summer 2010 enrolled in to college

2010 - September Picked up a second job at Charlotte Russe


2012 - Got promoted in May at charlotte and left the hotel

2012 - Started to live in my own

2012 - June -my old beat up car broke down on me, on route 7! (I'm still salty)

2012 - August - bought my first car, all on my own

2012 - September transferred to Express


2014 - Got promoted once more at Express

2014 - April 28th Lost Papi R.I.P

2014 - December 17th Graduation!

and of course they're many more untold stories, but in the past 8 years these are just a few important highlights of my life!

It has been quite a journey, There were many sleepless nights with my boys, school and work. Nights were I cried myself to sleep because I felt so lost and confused, but always hoping never to fail! Those two years I worked two jobs and my only days off were dedicated to going to school and studying. There were days were I didn't want to get out of bed, in fact there was a year (2013) were I had lost the sense and purpose of life. That same year I finally came to a realization that I had lost a son and he wasn't coming back. I honestly believe that year was harder than when I had actually lost him, because then I couldn't believe it and I made sure to block it by burying myself in work, school and friends. Today I'm proud to say I overcame all those obstacles with the help of amazing people in my life, my dear mother, my son, my kicker and one very special professor.

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