Tuesday, November 18, 2014

                Photo credit: Whitney English (what I'm currently using to stay organized) 

1. Agenda/Planner: For those of you who know me know I'm crazy obsessed with agendas, my obsession started when I became pregnant with Angel. I started out with an average high school planner (you know the ones given to you in the beginning of every school year) I began to use the  planner to help remind myself about upcoming OB appointments, which later then helped me keep track of Angels doctor appointments, to then later helping me keep track of my work schedule and expenses. My planners have become a holy grail in my life it helps keep me in order and organized which helps with my stress.

2. To-do list: To-do lists are a must have to keep you on track and stress free, my agenda is filled with to-do lists, this week my to-do list consist of:
  • Make dentist appointment for Angel 
  • Buy almond milk, kale and almond butter 
  • Write a blog post 
  • Fold laundry before weekend 
  • Update software 
  • Pick up a sketch book for Angel

I know it's nothing special lol but silly reminders like these keep me on track, it helps me feel less overwhelmed when I am able see what needs to get done & there's no greater satisfaction then being able to cross them off my list.

3. Budget your Money: Money, Money, Money .......... Money may be an issue when you don't monthly budget and accurately plan to pay your expenses at the end of each month. I have created a system that works for my lifestyle, instead of paying my bills when they're due I have figured out each due date of each bill and divided my expenses into two, one for the beggining of each month and the other for the end of each month. This way I never overspend/pay everything on time and  can see what extra money I have to splurge :)

4. Jog: Jogging is such a stress reliever, I hate to admit it, but I enjoy jogging the most when I'm angry and my mind is overwhelmed with problems. As I jog, I feel like I let every single one of my frustration out as every step hits the ground. I usually jog by a nearby lake, once I reach the end of the lake I feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and all my problems become so minor and insignificant ..............  thumbs up to jogging for stress.

5. A good book: Oh how I enjoy a good book! The best part is hunting for the best book to read. I can spend hours upon hours at a book store, opening each book and reading the first chapter until I find the perfect one to read, reading helps keep my mind off things.

6. Write down your goal: Writing down my goals gives me a clear view of what needs to get accomplished, almost like a to-do list but focusing more in depth into your life plan. I like to divide my goals into short term and long term: For example

Short term goals
  • Enroll into gradate school 
  • Get fit & healthy 
  • Save X amount of money for 2015 vacation 

Long term goals
  • Work for a marketing firm 
  • Buy a house 
  • Pay off student loans 
These are just a few small examples, writing them down and accomplishing them is such a rewarding feeling. 

7. A good night's rest: I know it feels impossible to get 8 hours of sleep each night, with work, school, children ( if you have any ) and maintaining a social life. Eight hours is just really unrealistic, and finding time to take a nap is a joke. But I have found when I better plan my day and find the right time for a nap and really shutdown from everything else, I'm a better person throughout the next day. 

So with that said better plan your days, shutdown, avoid your phone and computer, pick up a good read and rest at ease ladies <3

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