Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thank you, to all who have hurt me

Hey readers,
So I wanted to do something a little different here on Millesimy, I wanted to thank all the people who have hurt me. Most of you are probably wondering why, why would I do such a thing!?!? For starters, I'm a strong believer that dwelling on the past is unhealthy, second because each one of these assholes has made an enormous difference in my persona and ultimately because I've become that much stronger, confident and overall a better human. A better human because I know how much it hurts to be hurt, lied and cheated on and I myself could never image causing such pain to others! Lets begin ......... Father: Thank you for never being there, because of you I know how to build my own furniture, change a tire, defend myself, paint, use a hammer properly, jump start a car, because of you I don't feel the need to depend on a man.
My first love: Thank you for cheating on me, because of you I have experienced a broken heart, learned to repair myself, learned to love myself first, know when someone is lying, cheating or deceiving me, because of you I was inspired to be great and always be better than you! & I am honored to say you are shit compared to me. best wishes fucker :) Jackie: Thank you for sleeping with my boyfriend, you're the reason why I choose my friends wisely My first boss: Thank you for being an asshole, because of you I developed tougher skin in the most intense and frustrating situations David: Thank you for never giving a fuck about your off spring, because of you I get to experience what it feels to be loved by my child and to not have to share it with you, because of you Angel will appreciate that much more High school teacher: Thank you for doubting me, thank you for trying to convince me to go to an alternative school, because of you I worked that much harder to gradate, with my class, enroll in to college and proveed you wrong! Thank you, because of you i've accomplished so much

?: Thank you, because of you I know that family doesn't necessarily mean that they have your best interest in mind

Editor: Fatima Abarca 

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