Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You know he's trouble when .......

A women's curse isn't loving, but it's loving with all that they have. I would never consider a woman to be weak! but when it comes to loving our judgment isn't the clearest, we become weak, dumbfounded & oblivious. In the past I've have had my shares of many frail moments when it comes to love, but over the years I've come to a realization that I no longer have to be weak mined when it comes to men. I have the ability & strength to over come any cocky ass motherf^&$er who comes my way and I now know how to control the situation, to always be two steps ahead and never fail to fall to easily. Control the situation: The number one mistake females make when it comes to to "dating" would have to be playing way to many games, being up front about wanting a relationship dose not make you weak or disparate. It shows your worth & what you're all about, many women won't admit to wanting a relationship from the jump for the simple facts that they think the guy may no longer be interested. If that's the case "F*CK IT & F*CK HIM" why would you wanna be with him anyways, boo its not going anywhere, trust! there is and will be that one guy who's on the same page. Two steps ahead: Sometime men are great at making you feel like your his number one, which means they will play along with the whole relationship idea. Not all men will but same may, watch out for these sneaks! there are many signs & clues that should alert you to drop his ass before you become his next victim 1. Excuses, excuses, excuses; men who seem to always come up with an excuse as to why that can't hang out, call, didn't text and so on and so forth are the type of men who aren't about you. Sorry to say it, but his mind is wandering & mostly likely 95% of his thoughts aren't about you. 2. If he's always adamant about you always coming over to cuddle and watch Netflix, "DON'T DO IT IT'S A TRAP" Men who are never about spending his money on you or just simply never taking you out, he just wants the booty he isn't in it for you. 3. The list goes on on but I'm not going to get into all that, you should all know the shady shit men have done from past experiences! feel free to comment and share your experiences with the rest of us <3 (open discussion anyone?) Falling to easily: ladies always stay on top your game, if you're dating; date! Go on date's don't just settle for one, make them work for it, see who impresses you the most, have fun with it. If you only confine yourself to a single person you're setting yourself up for failure, because you are solely focused on that one individual making it very possible to fall for him. "Lust is a strong drug stay away from it, it won't bring you any good"

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