Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stranger what are you so afraid of? .........


To: Stanger who left a footprint

From: Feeding the fear


Sometimes we’re afraid to love & be loved, this fear may come from a deep routed issue as a small child, or just simply being hurt and deceived from past relationships. Whatever your case may be it affects you, him, her and us in different ways. Some loose hope and can never trust again others will feed off of this fear, but why is that?

Never trust again:

Why is it that some of us loose all hope, our pain and mistrust in people makes us doubt that there’s any good left. We expect nothing but less and never give the benefit of the doubt in “good” in people we forget how it is to love, believe, and trust in someone. We set ourselves up for failure, because the moment we feel like we’re getting to close we pull back, it doesn’t have to be like this but our fear won’t allow us to get any closer.  The “never trust again’s” are left empty and always looking for the next person to fulfill that empty feeling, but it can never be found when we’re constantly searching for it without really wanting it.

Feeding the fear:

   Those who feed off of the fear are those who have been dragged, kicked and tossed around, this is all they know and they will always trust the fear. The fear makes them weak and trustful, we give ourselves with all that we have, and we trust the lies because it’s familiar to us. We hope to modify the “never trust again’s” because we relate to them, we hope that we can come together with our pain and mistrust and fix each other, but instead we’re both left with emptiness & regret!

If you can relate, remember not everyone is out to hurt you! Let go of your past and let yourself be loved because the day you' push away the only good thing in your life someone else will learn to appreciate. Her/him  don't give anyone that chance, a chance of your happiness! Love, live and forgive.


“Loving, trusting and forgiving the FEAR is a vicious cycle”

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