Wednesday, July 02, 2014

How to get over a break up

Break ups are never an easy situation unless you're the dick doing the breaking! Unfortunately I've had my shares of horrible break ups and still can't seem to master on how to handle a break up properly. Some how I usually always wind up in a horrible funk which include sweatpants, ice-cream, sobbing, Netflix, texting the breakiand sometimes drunken calls (hey I'm not proud of myself). Even though the first portion of my post makes me sound pathetic, in my defense, I wouldn't say that for the duration of my heart recovery I've spent moping around the house like a slob. This weak, pathetic stage of my break up lasts no more than two weeks or until I find sanity again lol. Alright now that I've established how ugly I can become after a break up lets get into the nitty-gritty "How to get over that asshole" Step 1: First you have to accept that there's nothing, absolutely wrong with you, you just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when you Unfortunately met this low life! Step 2: Delete delete delete! Delete pictures, videos, his number, his friends/family numbers, & delete him out of your heart Step 3: Block block, block! Unfortunately, we live in the twenty-first-century where, we're able to stalk the living hell out of these assholes! Careful now you don't want to become a psycho ex-girlfriend. If you can't control the urge to go through his Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account etc....... then you must block him off every single social media site, that way you don't obsess on checking up on him! This will also help through your grieving process........ oh & don't forget to block him off your phone you don't want him contacting you! Step 4: Enjoy yourself, love yourself and embrace the freedom of being single! Go out with your girls let loose and enjoy the company of your girlfriends! Pick an awesome novel to read, join a yoga class but mainly focus on yourself & allow your heart to remold its self into new <3 Step 5: key his car for your own satisfaction ................................(that's if he has one!) Peace. love. hope
Peace. love. hope 

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  1. Love your post! Always remember step #4 is #1 priority ;) Love yourself!