Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's in my bag This Month

What in my bag this month?

  1. My MacBook, It's on of the most essential Items in my life I carry that baby around everywhere I go.
  2. My iPhone 4s, this truly should have been my number one item on my list <3 
  3. My headphones are such a must while driving. 
  4. Sunglasses a huge must while driving as well. 
  5. Voss water I'm constantly thirsty, so I make sure to always have a bottle in my bag!!
  6. Marie Claire is my top fave magazine, Magazine are my bible for fashion! Marie Claire also has inspired me to do whats in my bag, since they do every month!!! My TOP Five reason why I love Marie Claire!
  • They have they latest fashion trends
  • The best top beauty products 
  • Amazing articles and illustrations  
  • Besides fashion topics Marie Claire also focuses on real world issue going on in today sociality, I just Finished reading an article about the tragic baby boom going on in Haiti, ever since the earthquake. Women being raped is causing this issue, articles like this really makes me appreciate my life.
  • & of course the whats in my bag every month I also look forward to those <3 it's my small obsession :) 
      7. "Fabrice scinece swatch kit" I'm taking textiles this simetser :)
      8. My sinful treat!! shhhh ;) 
      9. No name brand lipgloss 
    10. Orbitz Gum its a most have 
    11. Lint brush I cant stress this enough every girl should have one in her bag!!!
    12. A small tube of lotion "True blue spa"
    13. Roll on perfume "Britney Spears Circus Fantasy"
    14. Mac lipstick "Snob"
    15. Advil its a must have for me, I need it when I head ache sneeks up on me :/
    16. LipBum from the body shop 
    17. My Canon Lens cap replacing my actual camera, since I was using the camera to take this picture :) <3 <3 <3 
                                                         - Alejandra <3

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