Thursday, June 09, 2011

Random June 11 :)

This month as been so for so good, just a little bit of unlucky moments but that's nothing unusual The first pic is a picture of my carrying on bag I decided to post this picture for others who always wonder what to to take in there carrying on bags I also take my canon with me I toke the picture with it, 2nd picture is my work station the place were all my creative thought go I love my desk <3 I also wanted to share my new computer case my brother bought me, my favorite color is pink but when I saw the purple case I just knew I had to have it. I'm glad he purchased it, my baby was getting all scratched up :/ The rest of the pictures are items I bought today which I know I should have not since I'm officially broke but I could help myself I'm in love with my new Martha Martha Stewart glitter collection. I defiantly have been having fun with them. The big  24 Brillo lose glitter was $30.00 but at Micheal's if you sign up on their web site they usually always give you 40% off so I only paid $18.00 :) and the small 12 Tinsel lose glitter was $20.00 with the 40% it came out to be around $12.00 :) amazing right!!!! with the 24 pack I Was able to finish my fashion drawing project that was due today :) I also bought today MAC bronze (gold deposit) which I love love love love love, it acts more of a glow then a bronze defiantly a summer buy, I also wanted to buy a foundation that was a little more weightless then the one I have now, so I'm going to give the Revlon color stay a try, it Say's flawless looking skin light less feel (the color for my complexion is 360 golden caramel) also oil free :) so excited to try that on tomorrow…. well running out of words :) 
Namaste <3 Alejandra :) 

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