Thursday, June 09, 2011

MyBirthdayWasAWeekAgo :)

My birthday was amazing, wow I can't believe in 19 it feels just like yesterday I was twelve wanting to be sixteen so badly. Time fly right before are eyes and we don't even realize it. My goal with my new age is to be more aware if my surrounding learn to appropriate the ones I love and care for. The little girl is in the picture is named Rosa she's my co workers daughter she so adorable, the cake was given be me by my boss they also order Afghaning food, yummy my favorite the taste is so rich and spicy its like a bliss of flavors roaming in my mouth yet so sinful since I'm on a low card diet ( as i think of this dish I can smell it ) I finished my birthday with an amazing night with my girls in the city I couldn't have asked for anything better (my quote to them … As my birthday fades in the night, the love I have for my family and friends well never fade away <3) alright running out of words :) 
Namaste <3 Alejandra :)

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