Monday, May 09, 2011

I promised to never fall agian

Nothing is a forever deal, He puts his hand over mine and tells me he loves me. My heart unexpectedly begins to pond, making it impossible to think, I know that his words are pure fabrication nothing straight from he's heart. I don't respond because I love the sound of his lies in his voice. He's not the first to tell me this and he won't be the last. It's like watching an old movie over & over again, I know whats coming next but I stay hoping it well be different, all I'm doing is hurting my self because at the end they all walk away with no sympathy. I just want to make a samll note to my self, stop falling for the wrong guys for all the wrong reasons. learn to expnaed your world because you going to be stuck with nothing but a book with every chapter being exactly like the last. 
P.S love Alejandra love your self  <3 

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