Friday, May 27, 2011

At the airport

So Jessica my cousin and I are going to Jacksonville, Florida super excited haven't had a weekend to myself in forever Luckily Angel stayed with his aunt. It was really hard having to leave him I'm with him everyday and I also sleep with him every night. But I'm going to deff. take of advantage to relax & not have to worry about some else for a change. Gate C18 I'm patiently waiting for my plan to bored I'm crossing my fingers hoping I make this flight (I'm on standby and the plan is oversold) I don't feel so well alittle nauseous and lite headed but ounce I'm in JAX I'll feel much better. I'm a little bummed that Jess and I could'nt leave out the same aiport, hope I don't have to wait for her long since she has a connecting flight & i don't. well running out of words :)
-Namaste <3

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