Day 2 in Florida :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Okay so it's day 2 in Jacksonville, Florida today is a new day and hopefully better, yesterday was a nightmare tying to get of IAD, first the 8:14 flight was oversold so I had to stay back and wait for the next flight which was at 12:14, I wasn't so upset because Jess was leaving at the sometime, just not from the same airport, Around 11:00 I went back to the gate C24 where the guy from C18 told me to go, I get there and he told me I was a the wrong gate, he sent me back to gate C18 ughh what a waste of time, I finally asked the guy once he was done with the line of people who were ahead of me if I was at the right gate, lets just say I was at the wrong gate again. after a mile of walking and 5 escalators plus a train later I had finally reached gate A1 just for the agent to inform me it was also oversold (I was flying stand by) I crossed my finger so tight and hoped I could get on the flight, 20 min later she called my name, finally a rush of relief filled my body. The flight was nice and smooth nothing out of the ordinary until we landed after 5 minutes of landing it began to rain and thunder with a little bit of lighting nothing to drastic from my point of view, but according to Unites airlines it wasn't safe to get off the plane. longest three hours of my life we had landed at 2:00 and I get out until like 5:55 it was horrible. but after that my day was got alot better I met Jess at her gate once she arrived and we headed to her place as soon as we got to her apartment we got ready, I got to exprirence a little bit of Florida night life, I'm defiantly enjoying myself i truly need this weekend ( even though I;m stressing about all the money i don't have that I'm spending but its worth it) So today are plane is to go to the mall and lay at the beach and later go out tonight :) alright running out of words bye

At the airport

Friday, May 27, 2011

So Jessica my cousin and I are going to Jacksonville, Florida super excited haven't had a weekend to myself in forever Luckily Angel stayed with his aunt. It was really hard having to leave him I'm with him everyday and I also sleep with him every night. But I'm going to deff. take of advantage to relax & not have to worry about some else for a change. Gate C18 I'm patiently waiting for my plan to bored I'm crossing my fingers hoping I make this flight (I'm on standby and the plan is oversold) I don't feel so well alittle nauseous and lite headed but ounce I'm in JAX I'll feel much better. I'm a little bummed that Jess and I could'nt leave out the same aiport, hope I don't have to wait for her long since she has a connecting flight & i don't. well running out of words :)
-Namaste <3

Fashion drawing class assignments :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So the assignments was to pick for decads and draw them out on a bristol paper side by said 

This is a ten minute sketch I did at a life drawing class, it was my first life drawing class and it was interesting p didn't think would feel comtorblue, But I really enjoyed it I think it really helped with learning proportion and that hand I drew looks so good. I'm impressed lol. I well be taking the class again to improve plus it free & I get extra credit :) 

Here some flat drawing's I had to do for class :) 

Wildfox Couture - Vive le France

I desperately need a bobbjob :/

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Florida memorial weekend :) oh yea

Wow this week has been extremely overwhelming, even though I'm super excited for Friday. I'm finally taking a mini Vaca to Florida with my cousin Jessica. I'm currently washing clothes and packing and trying to finish my fashion drawing homework ( which by the way is way to much ) and fashion intro homework and a little of English. Way to much to do in twodays but I want to get over with it so I'm not thinking about it while i'm laying on the beach :) awww just the thought of it makes my body worm, I can already feel the sun rays hitting may tan uneven skin :)

Why teamwork is efficient

Here a short film or Vd I made for class :)

Team work :)

Trip to D.C

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I promised to never fall agian

Monday, May 09, 2011

Nothing is a forever deal, He puts his hand over mine and tells me he loves me. My heart unexpectedly begins to pond, making it impossible to think, I know that his words are pure fabrication nothing straight from he's heart. I don't respond because I love the sound of his lies in his voice. He's not the first to tell me this and he won't be the last. It's like watching an old movie over & over again, I know whats coming next but I stay hoping it well be different, all I'm doing is hurting my self because at the end they all walk away with no sympathy. I just want to make a samll note to my self, stop falling for the wrong guys for all the wrong reasons. learn to expnaed your world because you going to be stuck with nothing but a book with every chapter being exactly like the last. 
P.S love Alejandra love your self  <3 

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spring '11

cross ring :)

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

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