October 25, 2010 :) DAY OFF

Monday, October 25, 2010

     As I Was Awaken by my 9:00 A.M Alarm clock I was thinking how is it that I had forgotten to turn it off the night before. Know laying their mind blank I began to think of all predictive things I could do on my day off.  Green tea in hand, I sat back down in bed, opened my laptop and searched for a movie on net flicks. As I was scrolling down to click on the romance selection, but then I came upon a movie named Anna Franks Dairies, what an amazing movie it was. Once the movie was over I got out of bed headed to my black dresser and pulled out my work out outfit. Angel was a little fussing. But I managed to put some cloths on him. Has we both headed out the door down the stairs angel asked me “mommy are you my friend” and with a smile on my face I looked at him and I replied, “I’m your best friend” and we kept walking until we arrived to angels grandpa’s house. Has usual before angel even says hi to anyone he looks up with his head tilted to the side and asked “mommy where’s my bunny cereal” I looked down and said “ Angel say hi “ His grandpa laughed and headed to the kitchen were he got a hold of a clear container that was filed with Trix’s. Once Angel was done with his breakfast, we said are good-byes, got in the car and headed to Lake Ann Plaza. Angel was super excited to see the lake, and I was excited to be there at that very moment with him. As Angel and I entered the small old used bookstore, you could tell that this was a calm place to be. High shelves stuffed with books and piles of book on the floor, it seemed like a place I loved to be for hours. As Angel and I walked around and noticed all the books that were once read, held by someone that enjoyed the book, old book and new book. I came upon a book called A year in heals.  Has I walked up to the 1980’s register I saw a young girl in her early twenty making scarf’s with a basket close by that read “Juile scarf’s for twenty dollars” And I thought to my self what a rip off. Angel and I kept walking around and decided to enter a small café located near the bookstore. Angel quickly ran to were the donuts were, pointed to the chocolate one covered with rainbow sprinkles and said “mommy I want that one” the nice man who works there grab some thongs and placed the donut in a small box’s I paid the man for it and my Arizona green tea. Angel and I found a small corner in the café, opened the box and cut the donut in half for both of us to share ………………………………………………………………………… 

Fall Fashion look book 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charlotte Russe Haul

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