Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Okay so I'm in San Pedro honduras i woke up today at 8 as soon as I looked out side today it was a little cloudy not like yesterday very sunny I think it might rain to day........

I'm out side right mow wow the brezz is so nice man I hvent felt so relaxed in a long time but fuck I wish this dog would leave the fuck the fuck alone ...... Fuck it lives off attetion

Wired I just woke up from a three hour nap it's five right now man I Havent taken a nap like this in ... Well I honsetly DoNT remember

Okay it is now 8:30PM I'm at Ni Fu Ni Fa its a Argentina resturant and it's a little boring at the monent I'm sitting Here A lone at a table waiting for my cousin Melisa to get out if a concfence she has with some Dr.s so I'm wearing this really cute dress that I bought at forever 21 for only 22.50 it navey blue flower print with cute black and gold bangels that were also from forever 21 that were about 6.50 and this cute chucky gold flower ring which was about 6.50 also from forever 21 and to top it all off I'm wearing black gladader shoes that I love and are from target they cost about 25.00 ....... At this Moment I'm enjoy a nice iced coke ........ I'm Also wondering if anyone is thinking that I'm not from around here but I dout it there all the same like in the USA but i still wonder if I stand out to them I know I fell like an ass sitting all alone ........ Well my steak just arrived ummmmm looks so good so I guess it time to eat!!!!!!!!!

Wow talk about a great steak honduras is the place to come ......,it come with a choice of any slade u like With this green earthy chopedup leaf that tast so good a little oily but fuck really good with that steak .... I swear it even made the coca taste so much better ....... Fuck I'm full ...... I hope Melisa is almost done I'm ready to go out tonight.

its now 11Pm and i just fiinshed checking my mail and facebook time for me to go to sleep so from what i heard tomorrow is goiing to be a long day come back to be updated¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ lolx look there uo said down


Sunday, February 14, 2010

So today is the day I leave off to Honduras I'm so excited. Even though i feel sad that i'm leaving angel but its all good i know that he well be safe with the care of he's titi gina. I'm ready to try new foods and i'm hoping to go site seeing. i have been there but Angel was a little baby so it was a lot more difficult to view the country with a one year old. My flight leaves off today at 4:40 PM i well be arriving Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 7:00 PM and uhhh i well be waiting for four hours at there airport
later i well be departing at 11:00 and and last i well be arriving Honduras at 12:45 AM ........
today is going to be a long day. i well be retuning from my trip on sat. the 20th
im so excited this what i needed a mini vacation.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

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