Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today was ................ uhhh were can I start well i was running late getting ready for school so i had to drop Angel off at Gina's ( he's aunt) i had a great day a school kinda slow but still fun. later when i got home i picked angel up at he's grandpa's house just to find out that yet again potty training is not going well he had peed all over his grandpa's lap. I won't lie it was a little funny ...... we went home i feed angel a little something before him and i headed to the gym with my friend Pam. after being there for a good two hours my body was screaming in pain ....... angel had fallen asleep in the car it was perfect timing to relax, grab something to eat ( vegetable soup) and watch one of my favorite show Ghost Whisper. I was also flipping through a magazine that i brought back with me from the gym about a new book this year for inspiring fashion designer's i fell in love called my nearest book store told them to please put it on hold and in less then thirty minutes that book was mine (The Teen Vogue Hand Book) this well be my new bible!!!!!!!!

p.s i'll post picture's of the book and another book i bought soon


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