Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Today was the second day of school since winter break its been so hard getting back on a regular schedule, I got alot of complements on my outfits today ohhh and I finally wrote what I needed for baby Julian's stone. Potty training with Angel has been okay last night Angel peed in my bed uhhhh what a mess. later today I'm going to the mall uhhh this whole week Ive been looking for some outrageous shoes(heel's) but i cant's seem to find anything that has caught my attention.

  1. Shirt (Target) $20.00

  2. Black Tank Top ( forever21) 2 for $10.00

  3. Legging's (Papaya) $9.99

  4. Belt (Forever21) $15.99

  5. Neckless (Forever21) $8.50

  6. Braclets (Forever21) $6.50

  7. Ring (Forever21) $5.50

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