Saturday, October 25, 2014

He was selfish


In my most recent years of dating it has become a great challenge to find Mr.Right. Not only do I speak for myself, but for many women in the DMV area. Population 9,331,587 people (I looked that up so don't quote me on it) and based on that number I'm not quite sure of the male percentage, but I'm assuming a great deal of them are single, available males, My point with this statistic is that even with 9 million people and a few dogs I'm unable to find Mr. Right.

For many who know me often wonder why I am so determined in finding Mr. Right, many say I'm too young, too independent and too much of a feminist. They ask why on God's earth would I want to meet Mr. Right at this very moment when I should be enjoying myself and not settling down. The answer is simple, I'm not just looking for a quote on quote "boyfriend" what I'm looking for is a relatable and reliable partner, a best friend and someone to build an empire with. 

As I search and scour the ends of the earth for Mr. Big, I've come up with one conclusion, Mr. Right doesn't want to be found or at least not yet. Tick Tock, As this century progresses the pressure of dating becomes insanely intense and many men and women are constantly trying to prove that they're unattainable, uninterested and unavailable. The rules of dating have become mistranslated and shattered due to society!

What we need to understand is that the media is destroying our generation and the true meaning of love and courtship, when did it become so wrong to be in a monogamous relationship? Mens perception of dating has evolved to portray an image the media has made it out to be. Men think it's socially acceptable to have their quote on quote "bitches and hoes" and that women are out to trap them and their money.

Or perhaps it's just the men I'm choosing, men with other issues beyond commitment. Whatever the case may be I decided to put my quest on hold. I need to focus on myself, understand the value of my worth and know what it truly means to love one's self.

P.S No hope has been lost with the meaning of the post, just another window of opportunity for true love. 

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