Thursday, October 30, 2014

|| Happy birthday baby Julian ||

Dear Julian,

Its been six years since I lost you, Only God knows after so many years I still grieve. Behind closed doors I'm bitter, weak and heart broken. But among family and friends I'm fun, vibrant and full of life. But baby if they only knew, you took a part of me, losing you has been my biggest challenge and living without you has become a chore. Im damaged, your loss has damaged me, its weakened me to my knees, I see no happy ending, not in this life time not without you.

"Happy 6th birthday"

I'm afraid this tragedy has messed with my memory, It's been so long it seems almost like a dream. Its so real but yet so surreal, pictures and home videos keep your memory alive & engraved in my mind and the deepest part of my soul. Your loss has tested my faith and my strength. But as time passes I slowly heal, I now understand that you were given to me for a reason & that reason was to teach me to be strong and appreciate the value of life . To my guardian Angel I wish you happy happy birthday, may you watch over your brother Angel and I and always stand by our side.  || Julian Aquilino Ramos 10.30.08-05.02.09 ||

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