Saturday, February 05, 2011

manly lust

I feel forced to walk away it's all because I'm scared, my mind wanders with no direction no true meaning.  I'm afraid to be hurt let down and exposed, if I stay my true colors well shine & that's when I'm most vulnerable. & all though my mind says its time to go my hearts want to stay, I tell him lies that protect me from getting hurt, making it seem like I'm the teaser not the one whom is teased. I know in my heart this won't last because its all based on lies & secrets & manly lust. I want to tell the truth, the truth that hides behind my heart. But once again fear holds my back, I can slowly see in he's eye the distance between him and I & I know now that he's not coming back. He's gaze has been stolen from me, but not forever & it's sad to say by the time his gaze retuerns, it well be to late for I would have moved on & fallen in love. & oh man oh man do I wish we could have one more chance <3

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